Is Thryve available on Android?

Unfortunately, not yet. We absolutely want to get Thryve on Android, but we have not set a date for the creation and release. Stay tuned, and you'll be the first to know.

Why are some foods showing up as 'Other'?

We are working with a complicated database of food, and are trying to keep it as accurate as possible. Foods that are appearing in the ‘Other’ category, such as peppers and tofu, have not yet been matched to their appropriate food group (like vegetables and protein, respectively). Expect to see major updates in our next release addressing many of these foods. Please let us know if you are experiencing any problems, or are having trouble with a particular food. We’d be happy to help.

How does the scoring work?

For every ingredient/food type you enter, we have about 50 nutritional data points matched to that food. The score is based off of the portion of your meal, the breakdown of food groups in that meal, and the nutritional data around the food you're eating. The closer you eat to the Harvard Recommended Healthy Plate, the higher you score. This is to help you achieve a healthy, well balanced diet. The higher your score, the better. In time, the score will become more obvious, and this feature will be further developed. 

Thryve recommends I eat grains and dairy. What if I am paleo, vegan, or have an allergy?

I (Nicole) feel you! But, at the moment, Thryve makes suggestions based off the standard recommendations from the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate. The goal is to introduce more specific recommendations for eating styles: like paleo, vegan, dairy free, etc. So for now, ignore the categories you don't eat from, and focus on the others :)

Can I edit a meal, or delete meals from my Smart Add library?

You can delete a meal from your daily log, but at the moment, not from your Smart Add library.

Can I start entering a meal, and finish it later?

Not in this version of Thryve, but one day you will be able to. Very sorry about the inconvenience this causes!

What if I'm logging a meal I ate this morning?

When you are giving your meal a title, and entering which ingredients were in it, you'll notice the time stamp right above the keyboard. Click on that, and you can track back as far as yesterday!