Green Smoothie Spring

It's time. Winter's almost done (except for the nor'easter about to hit New England on Sunday), and as the temperatures rise, I am reconnecting with my blender. It's smoothie season! Here are the best things about smoothies:

  1. Fun straws.
  2. You get fruits & veggies. Check, check.
  3. You can drink them on the go if you're in a rush.
  4. No time spent cooking, you just pour things into a blender and press "Blend".
  5. They give you an energy boost and keep you feeling full.
  6. Super fast clean up time: add a teeny tiny bit of dish washing soap with some hot water, put the lid on, blend it a few times, and voila. You just have to give it a rinse and it's done.
  7. Fruit makes the smoothie sweet, so it's the ultimate healthy dessert.
  8. You can throw in a handful of kale or spinach and no one would be the wiser. Except of course if it turns green :)  ..did i mention you get veggies?
  9. They're refreshing.
  10. There are a million ways to make them so you can never ever get bored!
  11. It is an easy gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free treat to make. As long as you check whatever milk you add. 

Some of my favorites:

* Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana: 1 banana, a few scoops of peanut butter, 1 tbsp of cocoa, and 1-2 cups of almond milk. More milk = thinner smoothie.

* Pina colada: 1 banana, handful of frozen mango & pineapple, pour in a little coconut milk, about 1-2c of almond milk. You can throw in spinach to make it super green.

* Mash-up: 1 banana, handful of frozen blueberries, a handful of kale and almond milk.

And then of course, you can decorate your jars with fruits like kiwi and banana!

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