Cry. Throw Something. Clean Your Oven.

It's Day 1 of your new lifestyle, and you have not a clue what to eat. All you're thinking about is what you can't eat, what you'll never have again, how no one understands, and why did this have to happen to you? You don't have time to cook, you don't have time to care, you just want to have fun and be normal. For the love of god, why can't you just be normal?

It's okay! And you are normal, at least for someone making huge changes to your diet & lifestyle!  I think my tear duct is still repairing itself after the way I exploded into eating Gluten free. 

I cried a lot, I was angry, frustrated, and ready to lash out at anyone who looked at me the wrong way. People were rude, distant, totally unwilling to try and understand. It sucked. But I was lucky because my husband was right by me the whole time to help get me through. Find a good friend to lean on for support - just someone who will show empathy and be willing to listen without judgement or trying to solve all your problems (because they can't).

And if you find yourself feeling lonely, remember some things. Your diet does not define you. Sure you are restricted, but there will come a day where you have your food down to a science, I promise you. Hang in there. Let out your emotions, and then move on with your day. If you want to cry, cry. If you need to find something to occupy your mind, clean, binge on Orange is The New Black, whatever it is, do something. But remember that sometime soon, I don't know when exactly, but SOON!, you will find yourself moving through a day that seems so simple and easy. You'll look back at today and think how scared you must have been, and how far you have come.

Until you get there, and you will, take it a day at a time. You remember what pizza tastes like now, but in a few months, your taste buds will have changed. You'll have new pizza! Sure it's not the same, but so what? You're opening a new chapter of your life where maybe you shift onto new foods you've never even heard of before. Try to make it fun for yourself. Make a list of all the gluten free restaurants in your area, and try them out. Commit to cooking one new recipe a week. 

A major lifestyle change is ridiculously scary, and on top of all of this you have to worry about your health.