Think Outside the Bread..

Leaving gluten behind, for whatever your reason, leaves a few great questions unanswered. When you have the luxury of not needing to plan your meals, because any time you see food you're safe to eat it, you don't really appreciate the effortless lunches you can pack in the snap of a finger.

Sandwiches are popular for a reason- bread, lunch meat, mayo, bread, BOOM. Be on your merry way. What did that take, two minutes? No need to find out if you'll have a microwave or fridge nearby today. No need to check which food stores or restaurants are by the airport you're flying into. No need to plan. No need to think. (I'm beginning to romanticize this actually dooming scenario! AH!)

I am grateful that I have to plan- I never get stuck eating greasy pizza and soda because "that's all there is". I don't grab the least healthy option on my way out the door because I forgot to pack a lunch. I have to find the veggies, I have to eat clean. If I don't, I go hungry. End of story. 

I love sandwiches- and even though there is gluten free bread, I don't want to rely on it or eat it everyday. I try to stick with more whole foods like rice & quinoa- and they wouldn't make for a very easy sandwich... SO! Here are 3 creative alternatives to this super quick, on the go sandwich. See below & enjoy :)

(always check labels & brands to make sure they are okay for your intolerance/allergy!)

1. Wrap alternatives; making "Rabbit" food tasty: Collard Wraps with Herbed Cashew Spread and Roast Peppers

2. Apple Sandwiches with Granola and Peanut Butter. Messy? So what- that makes it good! (Be sure to use gluten free granola if you can't eat gluten!)

3. Peanut Butter & Banana mini's! Slice banana into little pieces, smear on some peanut butter, and cap it off with another little pieces of banana!