ONE Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

When I gave up refined sugar, at first all I could think about was ice cream. I thought I'd never have it again. Until of course, I heard about this nifty little trick. With frozen bananas, you can make your own gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free ICE CREAM!! It is so good, and the texture is fabulous. 

This time, I added cocoa powder as a topping. Next time, I will add peanut butter and walnuts in the final spins of the blender. You can add whatever you'd like- chocolate chips, coconut flakes, etc. It's all good. 

*Note: it's ideal to use a food processor to blend the frozen banana chunks. In a regular blender, you risk ruining your motor if it's not strong enough to get through the frozen bananas.

Also, if you eat the ice cream right away after blending, the texture is soft. But if you put it back in a freezer safe container and wait a day or two, it feels more like hard ice cream.

How to:

Slice ripe bananas about 1/2" thick. Lay down the banana slices on a baking tray lined with wax paper. Once the bananas are on there in a single layer, cover it with plastic wrap. Stick it in the freezer for at least 2 hours, or until the bananas are fully frozen. At this point, you can either move the slices into a freezer safe container, or blend to create your ice cream.

If you don't freeze your banana slices individually, they'll mush together and create one big block of bananas- this would be bad. Once they're frozen, it's safe for the slices to touch.

When you blend your ice cream, you'll need to stop the blender/food processor and push the bananas back down. They tend to creep up the sides of the container. 

And hey, if you want some frozen bananas for a smoothie, chop up a few extra ripe bananas :)


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