My name is Nicole Brazio, and I am the founder of Thryve. From the time I was 11 until just before I turned 23, I had undiagnosed food intolerances and was miserably ill. It took me refusing to eat (aside from 1 coffee and banana everyday), and losing 30lbs. in one month for people to believe I was actually sick. After a colonoscopy and endoscopy, it was discovered that I have a Gluten, Dairy and Soy intolerance (and to some extent, sugar).

Growing up I didn't know much about nutrition, and during the 12 years of my undiagnosed food intolerances, I became incredibly frustrated that no one could help me. Every test came back normal. BUT I WASN'T! One doctor had me eat charcoal (seriously), another refused to address all of my symptoms and told me to pick one, and some nurses told me they wished they had my problem because I "look great".

After all this, I learned the best way to test for a food intolerance is with an elimination diet. And sometimes, even things you can test for like Celiac Disease will you gave a false negative. (perhaps my test gave a false reading)

But there's a problem-- writing down what you eat is not really fun. It's also inconvenient, and a constant reminder of your problems & pain. BUT- it could save you from SO MUCH pain! And that's why I started Thryve.

Thryve is very visual, and is delightful to use. It helps you feel special when you eat, and aims to strengthen a positive relationship with food. It's all about what you eat and how you feel. Because even if you know what your food intolerances are, there are still some tricky aspects to navigating a pain free day. 

Thryve is for you! [and me, too! ;) ] But seriously- please send any & all feedback to me-- and if you'd like to drop me a line, I'd really enjoy hearing from you!

Some things that I've eaten/made:



I live in Providence, RI. You can find me designing, practicing yoga, meditating or baking. Maybe even all at the same time.

I have a gluten, dairy, & soy intolerance. I also have GERD and a really hard time with more than a little sugar.

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